This page is currently a work in progress as I transition from hosting images on Dropbox to a more professional platform.
Many of the projects you’ll see here were done either for clients, but some were done for friends willing to let me try out a new idea, medium, or method.

Invalid Corps Social Media

This film is the untold story of the Civil War and disability, this film covers the stories of the men of the Union Army’s Invalid Corp and the Confederate Army’s plan to attack Washington, D.C.

Sometimes simple is best, these social media images were produced for the Maryland Public Television airing of Invalid Corps in December 2020. My client requested a style that would match many of the successful PBS and film festival tool kits that they had seen.


Working with insurance companies like Aetna, the non-profit the American Cancer Society, and the University of Texas at Arlington, these logos were designed to incorporate UTA colors and the technical savvy of many college students through use of the hashtag.

These images were produced with the Adobe Creative Suite and Logoist on a mac, and are the final product used by UTA Public Health for their lunch and learn program for the HPV educational program for UTA public health students.

Inspired Pitch Deck

Women with disabilities and their stories. From Virginia Hall a WWII spy with the United Kingdom and later America, to Kitty O’Neal, the one time fastest woman in the world and deaf Wonder Woman stunt double in the 1970s. This series is still in development.

Pitch deck for a series still in development. My client requested something modern, incorporating stars, galaxies, and white font. The contrast between the white and the dark background makes it easier for low vision individuals to read.


These stickers were inspired by many conversations and my time as a Loyola Law School Coelho Center fellow. Often people with disabilities are some of the most disenfranchised voters, blocked from voting for what they believe in by inaccessible polling locations and materials. I firmly believe that everyone should have access to voting, and everyone should be available to vote.

Even though the 2020 election has come and gone, it’s still important for people to vote. Local and state elections count too. If you want a sticker, they’re available in my RedBubble shop. (Redbubble.com/publichealthgirl)

Lights, Camera, Access! – Lydia

Used during the ADA 30 Lead on broadcast. This glass heart with green Arabic inspired text was created for my good friend, Lydia X.Z. Brown of Autistic Hoya. I’ve known Lydia for close to if not over 10 years, and this image was created for them to represent much of their personality and embody the spirit they bring to the disability world and disability rights community.

Created for Lydia X.Z. Brown of Autistic Hoya. Green glass heart with their name inside in an Arabic inspired font.

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